The Ivory-bill has frequently been described as a dweller in dark and gloomy swamps, has been associated with muck and murk, has been called a melancholy bird, but it is not that at all—the Ivory-bill is a dweller of the tree tops and sunshine; it lives in the surroundings as bright as its own plumage."

- James T. Tanner, 1939

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well written account of another tragic disaster

You’ve authored another wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed Ghost Birds—a well written account of another tragic disaster thanks to our lovely myopic species. I have never read Tanner’s notes or journals but as I read your book I wondered if he wrote with such an engaging style.

Thank you for writing this book and I eagerly await your next one.

Sam Moore

(Thank you Sam! And I am currently working on the "next one.")

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